Grass To Go Artificial Grass DIY Installation


Mark off the area that you would like to cover with Grass To Go artificial turf with an outdoor spray can or similar. Measure the area whilst at the same time considering the dimensions of our products (3.9m, 4m etc. width) with the aim of minimising the number of seams. The grass must all be laid in the same direction, so remember this also whilst calculating. Transfer your results to our measuring guide.


Remove old grass, you will need to dig out approximately 100mm to allow for the installation of you sub-base.


Area Preparation: Cap sprinklers or better still remove all sprinkler systems from under the area. Cover with a layer of weed matting if required.


Sub-Base: You will require approx 100mm crusher dust / road base foundation which has to be levelled pre-compaction.


Spread & compact the sub base material using a vibrating compactor.


Check for depressions and any potential ‘puddling’ areas. Any depression areas 10mm-20mm or deeper should be filled-in and re-levelled.


Roll out Turf: Position your Grass To Go synthetic turf as accurately as possible over your area, leaving a small amount of overlap at edges.


Cut & trim turf: Cut off excess material at the perimeters so it’s easier to work with your grass. Use a sharp Stanley knife or equivalent for trimming the grass. Join your major seams (see below) then trim in the edges of the grass.


Seam & Secure: Where two pieces of Grass To Go turf come together you will need to create a seam. You will require seaming tape and adhesive, or self-adhering seaming tape (sufficient to accommodate the length of each seam). Pin the edges once seams and perimeter trimming is complete.


Once your new Grass To Go lawn is secure brush the turf against the pile with either a motorised brush or a durable long-handled outdoor broom to encourage the yarn to stand erect in preparation for the addition of the infill.


Infill: Infill the grass with approx. 10Kg (dependent on turf pile height) kiln-dried sand per m2. Brush once again.

Congratulations! Your Grass To Go installation is complete!

If you have questions pertaining to the installation process feel free to e-mail them to us at and we’ll help out with a response.

No representations or warranties are made regarding the information contained herein and/or in any associated literature. Since factors including materials used, installation techniques, environmental conditions, etc. vary for each particular installation site or area, we cannot guarantee the results by utilizing any of the information contained herein